Divine Charitable Mission And Activities

Divine Charitable Trust (“DCT”) is run by Catholic priests of the Vincentian Congregation.  DCT is based in Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerala, India

The Trust’s mission is to provide a life of hope and dignity to the poor and marginalized in society irrespective of religion, gender, race or language.  DCT runs several non-profit charitable homes in line with the Vincentian Congregation’s aim to care for the welfare of the poor and afflicted – at present about 3,000 of them are being cared for on a long-term basis. DCT has no self-funding avenue or assets to help fund their works and is currently dependent on individual donations. It is running at a significant loss. As per DCT’s mission – they will continue to care for those most in need because to turn away the sick and the suffering is not an option.

To have a place to live in DCT’s Homes is to enable a life of love and understanding for those rejected and abandoned – every life is important and every person is loved. It has resulted in many lives being visibly transformed and who have returned back to a normal life in society; for the dying, they knew their lives were precious till the end.

The following are the non-profit charitable works of Divine Charitable Trust:

Ø  Home for AIDS patients (St. Vincent’s AIDS Home) with about 100 patients.

Ø  Home for the Mentally Ill (Divine Care Centre for the Mentally Ill) with about 600 patients.This is due to huge demand – Divine Care Centre has a waiting list of 5000 applications. 

Ø  Home for Destitute and Abandoned women (St. Mary’s Home for Destitute and Abandoned Women) with about 150 residents.

Ø  Home for the Aged (Maria Santhi Bhavan Home for the Aged) with about 100 elderly women residents.

Ø  About 160 destitute families being helped to have a new start in life.

Ø  Centre for Drug De-Addiction (Divine Drug De-Addiction Centre) that cares for about 150 persons who come to the retreat centre weekly.

Ø  Living and Educational needs of about 300 orphan children in De Paul Home for Boys and Divine Home for Girls. (Some who are placed in boarding schools for their education).

Ø  Divine Mercy Home for Palliative Care of Cancer Patients  with about 50 terminally ill patients.

Ø  About 700 free mid-day meals are provided to the poor and needy patients in nearby government hospitals every week.

Ø  Every year the St. Paul’s Tailoring School in Divine Retreat Centre trains 300 young girls from poor families to help generate self-employment opportunities and to be self-independent.

Ø  About 1,000 volunteers - many who come from very broken and destitute family backgrounds are being cared for long-term in Divine Retreat Centre.