Divine's 2018 Funding Needs

Divine Charitable Trust takes care of anyone in need – regardless of race, religion, gender or language. The Trust believe that every person deserves a life of dignity and to be cared for with love until the last moment.
Every dollar you donate makes a true difference to a person's life - together we can provide them a home to live in, medical aid, education, or to be uplifted with the Message of Love and Hope of God and to lead worthy lives.   Every child, aged person, sick person or depressed person is a precious child of God. No one should ever feel unwanted or feel unloved. Every life you touch with your generosity has a moving personal story one that will bring tears to your eyes.
You PERSONALLY are helping real people - just like you and me - to dare believe that their dream of a life of love and dignity is a reality!  The only difference is God blessed us with a good life. We could easily have been in their shoes – helpless, desperate and without “a voice” to speak up about our plight! Some of the transformation in these life stories are inspirational. It is a great joy for the Divine mission.
The urgent needs of Divine Charitable Trust currently are:

Divine Helping Hand                                                SGD210/year [HKD1,200/year] [USD160/year]
You can help us provide a safe and loving home to a sick, disabled or destitute person. We care for about 2,150 of them.

You can help us to provide a home of love and dignity for the 100 residents of the St. Vincent's AIDS Home, of whom 13 are children.

We take care of 300 orphan children - providing them a loving and caring home atmosphere to live in and ensuring all their schooling and living needs. Help us bring up this special children of God! 

We greatly need you as our partner in Christ to bring God's peace to our 600 residents of Divine Care Centre for the Mentally Ill.

For full details of Divine's charitable activities  please note this link: DIVINE'S CHARITABLE MISSION & ACTIVITIES

These are Divine's urgent needs for its charitable and evangelization works currently. All the works are dependent of God's Providence through the loving support of  all of you - Divine's benefactors. Your intentions are lifted up in prayers daily by Divine's Intercessory Prayer Groups for God's Blessings to be upon you and your loved ones.

Please feel free to donate in instalments. May God bless you for caring!