Statistics For Mental Health Care In India

India – Integrated Primary Care for Mental Health In The Thiruvananthapuram District, Kerala State  
The Indian Government estimates that 1% to 2% (10 to 20 million) of the Indian population suffer from major mental disorders, and around 5% (50 million) suffer from minor mental disorders. (Ref: Venkataswamy Reddy M, Chandrashekar CR. Prevalence of mental and behavioural disorders in India: a meta-analysis. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 1998, 40:149–157.)

There are 37 government-run psychiatric hospitals in India, most of which are managed by state governments. These facilities have a total capacity of 18,000 inpatients; almost half of available beds are occupied by longstay patients. The appalling state of India’s psychiatric institutions has been documented by the National Human Rights Commission. (Ref: National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences. Quality assurance in mental health. New Delhi, National Human Rights Commission, 1999.)

In any event, mental health care is often out of reach for the roughly one third of the population who lives below the poverty line.