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Mr. M. V. Thomas
President & CEO of Crosstel Inc.
Chief Executive – Divine Vision Network

Evangelization is one of the finest things that can happen to a believer in the journey of his life. All the moments in which God chooses us to be a partner in evangelization are some of the most valuable achievements.  As John 15:16 says “You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit — fruit that will last — and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you”, it is God’s calling. However, there are a few things we can do as believers to invoke this process. Going through a spiritual renewal process or being born again itself is God’s calling. From this moment, a believer goes through a deeper thirst to “know Him, love Him and serve Him”. Through prayer and study of the word of God, this thirst can be converted into powerful moves of evangelization. Almost all evangelists, big and small, have gone through such an experience. It always begins with a powerful Godly experience – a deeper conviction that God is alive and is with us. Without such conviction, human efforts tend to fall apart.  Once we have such a conviction, it does not matter what we are or where we are -- we can become powerful tools in the hands of God.

In my personal life, knowing Him was the biggest barrier that took time. As a “doubting Thomas” I struggled for years searching for Him. I was sincere in my doubts about Him and persistently kept “questioning” Him. Once He revealed Himself, it was easier to talk about the “God I know” and to do the things that He asks me to do or the acts that would please Him. That was my personal evangelization. Since then a few of us gathered together regularly for weekly prayer meetings which laid a strong foundation for us to seek God, praise and worship, and share the Word. It was amazing to see how God led each of us day after day not only in our spiritual lives, but in everything we did. He became “real and living” among us. We became “addicted” to gathering and experiencing Him every week. There is something to be said of prayer meetings that we cannot achieve alone. Acts 2 clearly shows us that God showers special blessings in such spiritual gatherings and fellowships. This is different from what we get from the Eucharist or the other sacraments. It is not one or the other; rather both are needed for our growth.

Another catalyst in my spiritual growth or evangelization (that God gave me a chance to observe) was the turn my personal life took after God became my one and only goal. It were as if pieces of the puzzle were put together so effortlessly and naturally, that I knew I would not have been able to put together alone. Acts 16:31 “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you and your family will be saved” started becoming a reality not only in my spiritual life, but in my entire household -- so much so that I have often mentioned in our prayer meetings that I am the most selfish person I know of in evangelization, and that I am doing this only because I do not have anything better to do with my life. Evangelizationand living with Christ as our only goal is highly rewarding. I truly believe in every word written in Psalm 1 and 112. They are written for and about common men like me and you.

A third of aspect of evangelization I have seen and am often amazed is that if you are truly sincere about evangelization and have spent time with Lord in prayer, when you step out, you are not alone. For every step we make, He makes several supernatural and powerful moves on your behalf. He will be there with you to change people around you and remake the circumstance to suit you. This is so much a reality that I count on it all the time. If you find yourself “struggling” through your evangelization, I would strongly suggest that you prepare in prayer. In Evangelization, we are only His hands and fingers. Work is always by HimThat should make it even easier and better.  Always remember, what Mother Teresa and St. Paul did or said were not on their own. God was with them, empowering and supporting them. They simply depended upon Him and moved in their lives. All glory and honour to Him!

Evangelization through television was the idea God laid in the hearts of the priests from Divine Retreat Center, Muringoor. When Fr. Augustine and Fr. Panackal shared with me the same idea for North America, I was very sceptical and doubtful; I could only see difficulties and mountains. So I politely and diplomatically made attempts to avoid the subject altogether. Having experienced His powerful and supernatural moves in the past, we started praying for it and remarkably things began taking shape -- God brought together the right atmosphere, resources, talents and abilities!  Although I could go into detail as to how it was formed, they are simply irrelevant as I am convinced that it was the supernatural works of God where He was using many of us. Today thousands of households watch Divine TV at home, and hours of Divine TV Online ( from viewers around the globe. We continuously receive prayer requests, comments, and suggestions both by email and phone.  This reminds me of an evangelist in US saying “Billy Graham and his driver both have the same reward from God.”  It does not matter who we are and what we are -- God is willing to use all of us as spiritual partners of Gospelif we are willing to be usedThere is still room in it for you and me, if we know Him, love Him and are sincerely ready to serve him God is not looking for mighty men and women for evangelization; but, what He needs is humble and willing hearts for Him to impart special powers in the form of talents and treasures to be used according to His will. 

I ask that God touch the hearts of every person who reads this. May He grant him/her the same desire and willingness He gave every evangelist to open up their hearts to serve Him for centuries.

Let us pray:

“Dear God, we acknowledge that everything in our lives is a gift from You. You are marvelous and glories in everything You do. Nothing is impossible for You. Grant many men and women the thirst, time, and talent to serve You and to share the treasures You give us from time to time with You and for You. Open our eyes to see Your Mercy, Power and Strength in everything we go through and guide us to fulfill Your Plan in our lives. In Jesus’ Name. Amen”

Mr. M.V. Thomas is a successful and professional business man – currently the CEO and President of Crosstel inc, in Columbia, Georgia, USA. MV (as he is fondly known by all in the Divine-Potta ministry) has been instrumental and is the Chief Executive of Divine Vision Network, a Company registered in USA to coordinate the activities of Divine TV in USA and Canada. Divine TV has been on-air in USA and Canada since 25 May 2009 and Divine TV is available ONLINE on the Internet in EVERY country across the globe through DVN Online TV as of 04 October 2009.

MV Is blessed with the loving support of his wife, Geetha, and has three daughters and two grandchildren. He has lived abroad for the last 35 years in various countries.

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