Friday, August 24, 2012

LIVING WATERS - "LOOK TO ME & BE RADIANT" (Psalm 34:6) by Rev. Fr. Vallooran.V.C.

We can never be free of problems in our lives. How we handle the problems is key to having the inner peace in our hearts that only Christ can give us. The LIVING WATERS” YouTube video above – LOOK TO ME AND BE RADIANT (Psalm 34:6)” by Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran V.C. reaches out to our troubled and stressful hearts with a powerful message from God.

Excerpt from Fr. Augustine’s talk:
“We concentrate on the problems. We concentrate on the troubles around us. There are people who come to talk to me and all the time they will be talking about their problems. They will be looking around. I tell them, “My brother / my sister – Look up! Look up to God! As long as you are preoccupied with your problems, as long as you are only looking at the problems around you, you will never be able to face God. Fear will rush into your heart. But then look up to Jesus – He is the Promise! He promises to be with us all the time. That is why the psalmist says, ‘Come to God and your face will be radiant.’ (Psalm 34:6)”

Let us experience this uplifting Message of God by Fr. Augustine and share it with those we know who are in real need to have God’s Loving Comfort.

For the past 5 years Divine Television has been telecasting 24 hours of commercial-free Catholic Gospel programmes in UK, Europe, the Middle East, USA, Canada and recently India. It is available on the Internet as DVNOnline TV  in EVERY country around the world. LIVING WATERS can be viewed daily on (timings below):

"Living Waters" is shown daily in English at 0900-0930hrs (SGT) and retelecast at 0200-0230hrs (SGT) the following day.

"Living Waters" is shown daily in English at 0400-0430hrs (AST) and retelecast at 2100-2130hrs (AST) the same day.

"Living Waters" is shown daily in English at 0630-0700hrs (IST) and retelecast at 2330-0000hrs (IST) the same day.

"Living Waters" is telecast daily in English at 0200-0230hrs (BST) and retelecast at 1900-1930hrs(BST) the same day.

"Living Waters" is shown daily in English at 2100-2130hrs (EDT) and retelecast at 1400-1430hrs (EDT) the following day.

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