Friday, November 9, 2012


Nzone Focus' host Allan Lee interviews  Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran V.C. about Divine 's retreat experiences and about Divine Retreat Centre and of  Glen la Rive's personal testimony -- during a recent mission in New Zealand. 

Fr. Augustine Vallooran shares the remarkable story of how Divine Retreat Centre based in Kerala, South India, has grown by God's amazing Grace to become the largest Catholic retreat centre in he world  - over 10 million people since end December 1989. Father explains that "More than 30% of those who attend the retreats are non-Christians - everyone feels at home in the Presence of Jesus. Everyone feels the joy!"

Glen La Rive's personal testimony is inspiring - how a long-haired rockstar musician  (videoclips included)  caught up in the ways of the world is totally transformed through his first Divine retreat. Glen still remembers how he truly experienced God in Divine - "I found a strange peace...especially Fr. Augustine's words which were burning through me and counselling me - something which I have never experienced before in my life."  From then on, Glen has only used his voice "to sing for the Glory of God". Today, Glen and his wife, Teresa, are known all over the world as Divine's Singing Couple!

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Retreats are held every week of the year in Divine Retreat Centre (DRC) in English and 6 Indian languages. It is the largest Catholic retreat centre in the world.

Over 10 million people have attended retreats here since the Divine-Potta ministry by the Fathers of Vincentian Congregation of India opened Divine Retreat Centre in late December 1989.

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  1. God gave me many opportunities to visit DRC over the past 20 years. Though I am a
    protestant clergy, I had good times of fellowship with Rev.Augustine Vallooran and other
    brothers and sisters who serve the Lord. I also appreciate sister Susan Alexander`s behind the scene efforts through computer. It is the love for our Lord Jesus Christ that brings us together and binds us as God`s family. Praise the Lord.