Tuesday, November 4, 2014

VIDEO: "WHY DO CATHOLICS PRAY FOR THE DEAD?" by Fr. Augustine Vallooran V.C.

An enlightening and uplifting talk by Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran V.C. – Director of Divine Retreat Centre, Kerala India on “WHY DO WE PRAY FOR THE DEAD?”

“On 2nd November we observed the Commemoration of the Departed Souls – those who are dead.“There are people who ask. ‘Why should we pray for the dead?’ There is a beautiful doctrine, teaching in the Church. We call it the Truth of the Communion of Saints. What does it mean? The Church is at 3 levels:
  1.  The Church in Heaven – those who lived in Jesus Christ and entered into glory – the     Glorious Church.
  2. The Church on this earth – the Struggling Church. We are the Struggling Church.  We are struggling in the face of temptations; we are struggling to be faithful to Jesus Christ every moment of our life.
  3. Then there is the Suffering Church – The Suffering Church is the Church in Purgatory – those who are dead and being purified now in Purgatory. These are the people in the Suffering Church.”

“What  we can do today is to help them by praying for them. Why do we pray for them? This is because there is a connection between these 3 Churches – the Glorious Church, the Struggling Church an d the Suffering Church.  In the Glorious Church, Mother Mary and all the Saints intercede for us; they pray for us. We need to pray for those who are still suffering and being purified. This is a beautiful way we are connected in love.”

“We are not wanderers on this earth. We are pilgrims! Pilgrims have a definite purpose, a definite end – we are moving towards the heavenly end!”

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