Sunday, November 1, 2015


The Catholic Church worldwide celebrates All Souls Day on 02 November.

Divine Television presents a very precious and comforting spiritual talk, “ALL SOULS DAY – THE IMPORTANCE IN OUR CATHOLIC TRADITION" by Rev. Fr. Michael Payyapilly V.C., Director of Divine Retreat Centre, Somersby, NSW, Australia. 

Fr. Michael shares. “It is a day of mixed emotions because of the experiences we have had because of death.”

“The one beautiful thing that we have is the prayers that we as a Christian community offer together on earth for those who have passed away. The Tradition of All Souls’ Day is praying for the dead who have not yet attained the union with God – they are goung through Purgatory.”

“Will they attain the Kingdom of God”? Will they attain union with God? Keeping in mind the lives they have led, in our hearts, we may be worried of that aspect. And it is this particular day that gives us hope! The Church is looking at us and saying “Don’t worry”. We the Christian community will pray together for the sake of this soul. The whole Catholic Church today offers prayers for those who have not attained their union with Go. The whole Church together is offering prayers to Heaven! How much more the Father will listen and answer the pleas? Isn’t that the most comforting thought that we who are worried here about our beloved can receive from the Church? We are not alone in that prayer – we are one Family of God.”

“We need not weep about our beloved who have passed away because they are not weeping. In Heaven, they feel the Joy with God. Let us have happiness in our hearts – for we have an Intercessor in heaven – someone who will be praying for our family while sitting beside God.”

“Ultimately, our beloved who have passed away are God’s children. He has taken back what He has given us as ‘gifts’. He has left beautiful memories in our minds – we cherish it.”

“Let us thank God for every person who has come to our life and returned  to God!”    

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