Sunday, February 21, 2016


Why is it important to recognize what "SIN" is?  In this sacred season of Lent, let us truly look deep within ourselves -what is our life rooted in?

The second video of the 6-part DIVINE LENTEN 2016 WEEKLY VIDEO REFLECTION SERIES at the top of this post is "SIN - THE CONFLICT WITHIN ONESELF" Rev. Fr. Michael Payyapilly V.C., Director -- Divine Retreat Centre, Somersby NSW, Australia. 

In this heart-provoking homily, Fr. Michael challenges every Catholic - “For some of us today in this world, sin has become very subjective; it has become very relative. And therefore we have this tendency to think certain things are sinful and certain things I see them as being okay.Why do you think it is a conflict within the self? It is a conflict within the self because deep within us sin is rooted."

Father shares an apt analogy. "The roots of a plant gets its nourishment from the soil around them. That is what is happening with our lives. The roots where we plant our lives is where it get its nourishment from. If sin is manifesting itself in our lives many times, what soil is our lives planted on? It is planted on the “soil of evil’!"

"People will be slaves to whatever masters them. If you keep sin all around you, you will get your nourishment from sin. The fruit of sin is death! What kind of death are we talking about? It is a death with oneself – a death in our relationship with God. That is why it is important to be rooted in Christ. It means identifying what soil your life is getting nourishment from."

 Fr. Michael reminds us the true value of God's Promises to every Christian -  "God has never promised us a fancy house or car. The Promises of God are always in the spiritual realm. Not that material things are wrong. As long as you are rooted in Christ, you will bear fruit –fruit in plenty. Start finding out where your roots are going and getting nourishment. Pull yourself out of it and start getting rooted in Christ. When you are rooted in Christ, you will lose out from the comforts and pleasures of the body but you will be able to restore your soul."

"It is time for us to wake up and see from where we are getting our nourishment. Be honest with yourselves and know that the times of change has come. Have a desire in your heart!"

Next Sunday, Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran V.C., Director of Divine Retreat Centre, Kerala, India will be sharing the Word of God on "HOW DO WE RESTRUCTURE OUR WAY OF LIFE FOR JESUS?"

Please do share this Divine Lenten 2016 Weekly Video Reflection series with your loved ones, prayer groups and friends to make this sacred season of Lent in this Holy Year of Mercy a truly transforming experience in our Christian life.

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