Thursday, March 24, 2016


In this Grace-filled Healing Adoration, "JESUS PROMISE: 'I WILL COMFORT YOU'"  by Rev. Fr. Augustine Vallooran V.C., Director of Divine Retreat Centre, Kerala. India we experience the Merciful and Compassionate Love of Jesus - our Divine Healer!

Fr. Augustine prayerfully leads everyone into the Presence of Jesus.

"My dear sisters and brothers, in thishour, we hear the Voice of God inviting every one of us 'Come to Me! -  Come to me you  who are tired and burdened. There is a burden on our body - a burden of our aches, our ailments, burdens on our mind, all the distress, all the fears and anxieties and above all - all the painful memories of our past."

"Let us bring it all to Jesus today and claim the Promise of the Lord - 'I will confort you.'"

Fr. Augustine exhorts every one of us to proclaim - 'I believe in  the Power of Jesus.'"

"HEALING ADORATION" is a weekly 60-minute TV programme conducted by the Director or Asst. Director of Divine Retreat Centre and produced by Divine Vision - the media wing of Divine Television Ministry.

For the past 8 years Divine Television has been telecasting 24 hours of commercial-free Catholic Gospel programmes in UK, Europe, the Middle East, USA, Canada and in India through Goodness TV., It is available on the Internet as DVNOnline TV in EVERY country around the world.

Divine's HEALING ADORATION can be viewed online weekly on

Divine Retreat Centre is the largest Catholic retreat centre in the world. Retreats are held every week of the year in English and 6 Indian languages.

Over 10 million people have attended retreats here since the Divine-Potta ministry by the Fathers of Vincentian Congregation of India opened Divine Retreat Centre in late December 1989.

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